The following are plays that have been produced or given staged readings. I am also a member on New Play Exchange and scripts can be found there. Or use the Contact form to request.


2018 | Playwright | Full Length Play Sometimes resistance looks like tea with a General. Conflict rages in a fictional, modern-day Pannonia as refugees flood into neighboring Moesia. Pannonian ex-pat […]

The Dragon’s Eye

2018 | Playwright | Full Length Play A Marwing’s Band Adventure Fresh off a successful campaign, Marwing and her band of adventurers wait at a roadside Inn in the foothills […]

Underneath the Above and the Below

2018 | Playwright | One-Act Play Nadia has secrets. Sydney’s job as a journalist compels her to investigate secrets, but how far is she willing to go when her investigation […]

The Visit

2018 | Playwright | Short Play Ina takes her sister, Noelle, to their family cabin in the hopes she can talk Noelle into turning it into an environmental center instead […]

Shaving Bees

2017 | Playwright | Short Play A 10-minute romantic comedy Lorraine is a young scientist researching declining bee populations. When she runs into a lost childhood friend, she feels the […]

Under the Milky Way in the Light of Day

2017 | Playwright | One Act Play While on a business trip to negotiate a critical deal, Hattie takes a side excursion to Bali to spread her father, Ray’s ashes […]

Fortress Found

2015 | Playwright | Short Play A renowned, if aging, investigative journalist and former navy captain has been captured by pirates, who keep him confined in a massive baobab tree.  Three women […]


2015 | Playwright | Short Play Kelia, Omar, and Rodel have been inseparable since childhood. When Omar’s girlfriend moves to Chicago, he plans to follow. Rodel gets an opportunity of […]

I Saw It

2015 | Playwright / Editor | Full Length (Collaborative) A collaborative project – 8 playwrights collaborated to create a 90 minute monologues show by Morgan Ludlow, Laylah Muran de Assereto, […]

Anonymous Me

2014 | Playwright | Monologue Justine is about as unassuming and average as it gets for a woman in her fifties. This mid-level IT manager, estranged from her kids and […]


2014 | Playwright | Short Play Tala Singh may have gotten more than she bargained for one day at the food co-op when Angry Fairy Boy, a cranky, local Scottish […]

Cash for Capes

2014 | Playwright | 2-Minute Play Tala Singh and Angry Fairy Boy have to make a living – superheroes don’t get much in the way of compensation for their good […]

Personal Space

2014 | Playwright | Short Play Women frequently find that they don’t have the ability to control their personal space, whether it’s emotional, physical, or intellectual.  In this short four scene play Portia makes the decision to break up with her boyfriend Jake, who doesn’t understand the boundaries she requires. […]

Onward and Outward

2013 | Playwright | Short Play Karen, Bitty, and Cheryl have been best friends since elementary school.  Karen has always held on too tightly to the world as it is – or as she wants it to be.  When (afraid she’s going to lose her marriage) Karen makes a resolution […]

Pitchfork and Light

2013 | Playwright | One Act A murder-mystery When Lena’s long lost childhood friend, Dave, re-enters her life, it’s not an entirely welcome event for her or her family. They become […]

Censored in Tehran

2010 | Playwright | Short Play A foreign correspondent released from custody in Iran returns to his offices with two colleagues to collect items and determine if any information of […]