The Visit [short play]

2018 | Playwright

The Visit by Laylah Muran de Assereto (playwright)

When Noelle and Ina take a trip to their family cabin,

Death ends life, not relationships.

Welcome to the world premier of “The Grateful Deadly,” a highly entertaining, mgical, visually creative and adventurous evening of new works and 7 short plays by 6 esteemed Bay Area Playwrights! Some plays are whimsical and humorous, some are bittersweet, deep and though provoking with perhaps a surprising twist. And a folktale told in modernistic ancient cultural art form. Featuring an ensemble of extraordinary actors! We promise you great theatre that will spark intriguing conversations!

Jerome Joseph Gentes
Lorraine Midanik
Laylah Muran de Assereto
Madeline Puccioni
Dan Wilson
L. “Z” Zepher

Anthony Clarvoe

Dan Wilson

Sandy Rouge Anderson
Miia Ashley
David Boyll
LeighAnn Cannon
AJ Davenport
Julia Wilde
Adrian K Wu

Stage Manager
Sami Cowan

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