(c) Laylah Muran de Assereto

Laylah has been involved in theatre and writing creative fiction since childhood. Raised in an extended urban family of poets, musicians, and performance artists Laylah got her start acting with her family’s avant-garde puppet theatre troupe, Handghost Theatre in the 1980s. She attended the School of the Arts at J. Eugene McAteer High School in San Francisco (now the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts) where she studied drama and theatre tech. She studied acting with Stephen Drewes from 1994 to 2006 and became heavily involved both as an actor, member, and board member with the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco (PCSF) in 2005, serving variously as the Secretary, Publicity Director, Board Chair, and volunteering as a literary committee member. In 2009 Laylah joined Wily West Productions as their Executive Producer where she served until 2015, presenting several award winning, nominated, and critically acclaimed productions of new works by local area writers and theatre artists. She produced the annual short play festival “Sheherezade” from 2008-2014, which received a TBA nomination for Outstanding Anthology for “Sheherezade 14“.  Laylah was a member of the Playground SF – Monday Night Playground writer’s pool in the 2016/2017 season. She is the Artistic Director for Spare Stage in San Francisco.


Playwriting Credits

  • SHAVING BEES – Staged Reading – PCSF Playoffs Round 1*
    directed by David Stein (2017 | Shelton Theatre) (*selected for production in Nov 2017)
  • THE VISIT – Staged Reading – Monday Night Playground (SF)
    directed by Delia MacDougall (2016 | Berkeley Rep)
  • AS OF ONE – Staged Reading – ReproRights! The Body Politic
    directed by Nicole Menez (2016)| Thick House & PianoFight)
  • FORTRESS FOUND – Staged Reading – SF Olympians Festival VI
    directed by Steven Whithavee (2015 | Exit Theatre)
  • I SAW IT – co-writer/editor – Production – Wily West Productions
    directed by Ariel Craft (2015 | Exit Theatre)
  • ZERO HOUR: THE MARS EXPERIMENT – contributing writer – Prod. – Wily West
    directed by Ariel Craft (2015 | Exit Theatre)
  • PARAPROSDOKIAN – Production – PCSFs 24-HourFest
    directed by Karl Shackne (2015 | Tides)
  • ANONYMOUS ME, JAIN, and CASH FOR CAPES – part of SUPERHEROES* – Production
    Wily West, directed by Alicia Coombes (2014 | Exit Theatre)
    2014 | Shelton Studios
  • PERSONAL SPACE – Production – PCSF’s 24-HourFest
    directed by Joey Cherney (2014 | Tides Theatre)
  • PITCHFORK AND LIGHT – Production – PCSF’s 24-HourFest
    directed by Dawn Williams (2013)
  • OUTWARD AND ONWARD – Staged Reading – Resolutions:  I Do Declare!
    Southern Railroad Theatre Company, directed by Ann Thomas  (2013 | Royce Gallery)
    directed by Sara Staley (2010 | Phoenix Theatre)

Screenwriting Credits

  • SYD’S STARS – web series | Entropy Productions
    Episode 1:  The Enemy in our Midst dir by Philip Goleman
    Episode 2:  The Star in the Shadows dir by Philip Goleman

Directing Credits

  • REPRORIGHTS! RADICAL HOPE AND THE NEW RESISTANCE – co-director – Production – ReproRights! with 3Girls Theatre
    “Cycled” by Lorraine Midanik, “Choice v Chance” by Suzanne Vito, “Clomiphine or Another Infertility Drug” by Jeanie Ngo, “Jo, Full of Beans” by Karen Coronna, “Forbidden Points” by Elaine Romero, “Sarah Goodin” by Madeline Puccioni, “Core Samples from and Meditations On a Question:  My Highschoool List and Facts on Reproductive Freedom” by Mercilee Jenkins
  • THE RIGHT NOTE! a new musical by Jerome Joseph Gentes and Rice Majors – director – Staged Reading – Spare Stage
  • THE KILLING JAR by Jennifer Lynne Roberts – director – a workshop development series – Spare Stage
  • ORDINARY DAY by Lorraine Midanik – director – Staged Reading – PCSF
  • THE KILLING JAR by Jennifer Lynne Roberts – director – Staged Reading – Spare Stage
  • PLAYOFFS – co-director – Production – PCSF
    “Benched” by Lorraine Midanik, “Keep Moving, Nothing to See” by Vonn Scott Bair, “A Relationship with History” by Annette Roman, and “Murder” by Bridgette Dutta Portman
    2016 | Exit Theatre
  • REPRORIGHTS! THE BODY POLITIC – co-director – Production
    ReproRights! with 3Girls Theatre
    “Mama’s Hand” by Patricia Miller, “The Conversation” by Maggie F Wilson, “For Women in Shoes” by Pamela Winfrey,  “Birtherator” by Chardonnay, “Boy Imagined” by Lorraine Midanik, and “Enough” by Susan Jackson
    2016 | Thick House and PianoFight
  • THE POSSIBILITY by Vonn Scott Bair – Staged Reading – PCSF
    2016 | Shelton Studios
  • SHEHEREZADE’S LAST TALES – co-director – Production – PCSF
    “A Clean Well Lighted Park Bench” by Patricia Morin, “Sparse Pubic Hair” by Lorraine Midanik, “The Stuff We Keep” by Rod McFadden, and “Rorschach Test” by Vaughn Hovannessian
    2015 | Exit Stage Left
  • REPRORIGHTS! WOMEN @ RISK – co-director – Staged Reading
    ReproRights! and 3Girls Theatre | 2015 | Thick House
  • CROSSING THE CHASM by Rod McFadden – Staged Reading – PCSF
    2015 | Shelton Studios
  • BLOODLINE by Alan Olenjiczak and Jeff Matlin – Staged Reading – PCSF
    2014 | Shelton Studios
  • INCOMING by Earl Roske – Staged Reading – Southern Railroad Theatre
    2013 | Royce Gallery

Laylah performed Celia in TALKING HEADS by Alan Bennett, directed by Stephen Drewes for Spare Stage Theatre in March 2016 and as Decima in Ex Nihilo’s live recorded radio play series TERRA INCOGNITA as Decima in April, June, August, and October 2016.

She is a proud member of the Dramatist’s Guild, Playwrights Center (Minneapolis), International Centre of Women Playwrights, and The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco. Occasionally a poem happens, a video gets edited, and sounds get designed.

Laylah is a San Francisco native, living in the Bay Area.

Aquatic Park San Francisco (c) Laylah Muran 2013
Aquatic Park San Francisco (c) Laylah Muran 2013

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  1. Laylah, I’ve been trying to get in touch with your mother, through you, but get no reply. Your mom knew my friend Lee Uhlenhake. I just found out he died 26 years ago at age 34. I had been trying to get in touch with him for years…..for me it’s like he just died. Your mom wrote his obituary. I wanted to ask her about Lee’s last days.

    1. Hi Ron, I replied to the FB email, it didn’t show me that you’d sent one, I had to search for it. Can you reply to that email with contact information. Mom would like to talk to you, but she is not online.

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