Holding Hands

“I miss museums,” she said. He nodded. “I miss apple orchards in the fall,” she said. He smiled. “I miss holding hands” she closed her eyes. He squeezed her hand. […]

Sibling Rivalry

Who loved him more?Overlapping but separate spheresOur relationships uniquePrecious gems he madea necklace ofWore near his heart What sense is there inSaphire, lapis, and jadejostling for proximity withDiamonds, emeraldsSeashells and […]


My world is shattered. Isn’t yours?Don’t you walk on shards of broken glass?Each step painful and bloody?The taste of sweat and tears, salt and saltTeasing your tongue? Forgive me if […]

The Roar of Nothing

Night? Bedeviled and sleeplessConversation? Booby trappedWords? Confined and cagedSubstance? Forbidden to speak Guilt?  Envy?  Love?  Fear? Conspiracies and accusations pummel my skull Headache from the roar of…nothing

Half Dead Bird

Oh,I’m here again.Hard to seeuntil up close. At first,A “New And Exciting Place”,but no, nothing new“Same Old Same Old”.Fool myself I havesomething to offerbesides Great Friend. Hope, delusion reignuntil “he”– […]