It is a pear Christmas tree ornament. I don’t remember exactly how I got it or why I think it’s connected to my mom. Like she bought it for me? […]

A Mom Moment

“Mama! I got the part!” feet running through the house, book bag thumping on the table. Her hands deep in the garden soil, amazed her heart can still expand so […]

Holding Hands

“I miss museums,” she said. He nodded. “I miss apple orchards in the fall,” she said. He smiled. “I miss holding hands” she closed her eyes. He squeezed her hand. […]

Sibling Rivalry

Who loved him more?Overlapping but separate spheresOur relationships uniquePrecious gems he madea necklace ofWore near his heart What sense is there inSaphire, lapis, and jadejostling for proximity withDiamonds, emeraldsSeashells and […]


My world is shattered. Isn’t yours?Don’t you walk on shards of broken glass?Each step painful and bloody?The taste of sweat and tears, salt and saltTeasing your tongue? Forgive me if […]