hardy word, fragile thinggiven warily, broken easily skeleton, from fleshy cocoon,tries escape, must flee threat level, red?! green?!color blind amygdala can’t tell sorry for the carnage


Paperwork my body Ink the what-fors, why-nots, and how-tos While I worry the  why-mes, when-tos, and never-dos until there’s nothing but lines and signatures a riddle; unsolvable Prison made of […]

Life with Poet

Sometimes easy to forgetThey see the worldMore, less, better, worseOther. See Overburdened words withNo meaningEverywhere Sometimes easy to forgetThey use two wordsand paint a thousandAs easy You say two and […]


A party her hand           drifts grazes your arm reassured You are near You are with           Her Your wry smile unwilling to  acknowledge […]

The Doc Martens

The girl, who needed some kind of release, caught sight of her Doc Martens. The shoes that the two of them had picked out together. The shoes that had made her feel invincible. The shoes that had allowed her to let her inner-self roam free and unafraid, in a life riddled with fear of inner-self.

A Flash of Memory

LTM-March 2014 It’s raining. Everyone crowds beneath the awning; a humid massbodies, cigarette smoke, foggy breath. You and I stand out in the rain. Watching, declining offers to make room. Sans umbrellas Sans hats They shake their heads at […]

Writing in Pencil

Writing in pencilnot sure how longI’ll mean it Planning for regrethiding in thefine gray lines Tilting at windmillswith a stopped upmegaphone Writing in pencilChanging my mindwith each word