A Flash of Memory

LTM-March 2014 It's raining. Everyone crowds beneath the awning; a humid massbodies, cigarette smoke, foggy breath. You and I stand out in the rain. Watching, declining offers to make room. Sans umbrellas Sans hats They shake their heads at us. "You're weird". We shake our heads at them. "You're silly." It's just rain. I wonder if you like the rain, or is it claustrophobia?You eye the small gaps between people like … Continue reading A Flash of Memory

Foolish Flights of Fancy

[a short story] Carrie loves Paul. Certainly she does. That he loves her is more or less a given, though she convinces herself that he doesn’t, couldn’t possibly. Don’t ask why, the denials and psychobabble garbage that would follow aren’t worth it. Normally a razor-sharp wit and strong intellect, she is reduced to an idiot-ditz … Continue reading Foolish Flights of Fancy

Hope via rage

I cannot say how much of a relief that was. I also can't express how much rage I felt. Rage at the world. Rage at the society that tormented, taunted and jeered at people who were dying from AIDS. Rage at people hiding behind their religion standing at the edge of AIDS walks and candlelight vigils yelling at us that they all deserved to die. Rage at the nature of life and death in general. But mostly at myself.