Upcoming Projects – Spring/Summer

2016 is proving to be a very fulfilling year already. Three exciting projects in May, June, and August coming up.


Re Acting Again

As the first weekend of performances is nearing its end, I'm reflecting a lot on what this journey has been for me. I'd given up on acting. Made an active decision that it wasn't happening so with gut-wrenching grief officially gave up on it - except in the most incidental circumstances. I had been too … Continue reading Re Acting Again

It Breaks Me

I woke up the morning after David Bowie passed away and had this in mind almost complete. I was thinking of grief and the nature of it in many forms for different reasons. Whether it's lost love, deceased loved ones, abandoned ambitions, or something else one has had to let go of, it rarely happens in isolation with no recurrence.

New Adventures

If my creative-life bucket list existed, it would include (among other things) performing on stage again and learning more about musical theatre. Et voila 2016 is off to a running start with both of those at the top, which is remarkable considering I've really done nothing actively to make either happen.

All Wrapped Up

When 2015 began I was so exhausted from a grueling and challenging 2014, all I really wanted to do was crawl into a cave and hibernate like a bear. I thought I'd be facing a year of respite and recovery. What I got instead was one of recovery and rejuvenation, but not from rest; much to my surprise (and my family's alarm), it was busier than most years.