Patience (or long ago, yesterday, today, and tomorrow)

LTM – 2013/2020

a rose
            or something
forming in my mind
fuzzy or maybe
more than one thing
at once?

the allure … obvious
and trite, cringing
amusing and elusive
punctuated by
tragi-comic cruelty


a spider
              or something
forming in my mind
more than one thing
for sure

spirit-animal (spirit-arachnid)?
spirit, claimed
watching, manipulating
methodical accidental art,
home, death trap

collected, contained
unspent fear

a fire
          or something
forming in my mind
no doubt who she is
–not what you think–

she and I know though
(she wants to tell on me)
hot little flame that
threatens to burn
my retina from the inside


in my mind, a field
                          or something
in the distance,

sun and a cool breeze
wet, sea-tainted air
laughter and love
a bright August day
room to play

lovely and

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