A Flurry of Activity

Wily West is in the thick of our pre-production for 2014.  This means auditions, scheduling, readings, and a dozen or more emails flying back and forth on four or five different projects on any given day. Sheherezade 14 A couple of weeks ago we had auditions for Sheherezade 14.  The […]

Candy at a Museum

Finding inspiration in little things is one of the best aspects of traveling to places one has never been.  I’m in Chicago for the first time and while walking through the Chicago Art Institute modern wing, I saw two exhibits that gave me some ideas for a piece I’ve been […]

Hope’s Last Chance approaches

We are heading into the home stretch for Hope’s Last Chance, which opens on October 3rd.  I spent most of Sunday creating videos for Sheherezade 14 (I can hardly believe we’re already into pre-production planning for that one!) and Hope’s Last Chance.  There’s something about digging into the promotional videos […]

The Mysteries my Characters tell me

I have decided to cave into the peer pressure (ok the peer envy) and create a site for my creative endeavors.  So this is it, my first blog post in my play writing, producing, directing site.  I’ve created pages for the  plays that I have had produced or in staged […]