Candy at a Museum

Finding inspiration in little things is one of the best aspects of traveling to places one has never been.  I’m in Chicago for the first time and while walking through the Chicago Art Institute modern wing, I saw two exhibits that gave me some ideas for a piece I’ve been working on for years.  I won’t go into details here, but one centered around the concept of grief and loss in a way that was almost traumatic.  I hadn’t been expecting it, it appeared innocent and whimsical, but when my friend pointed out to me what it was and I read the placard, I cried.  Not “oh, that’s so sad”, but “oh my god that’s devastating, make it stop”.    Anyone who tries to give me the “but what does art really matter anyway” argument can just go stuff themselves back inside their small easily defined little world, because that reaction, that moment of intense and heartbreaking connection and empathy is just one of many reasons it matters.  [soap box moment over]  The other piece was less intense and more to do with the practicalities of displaying art in a theatre piece without it being over the top.  Incorporating them into the set and the house, but keeping some subtlety is the trick.    It’s our last day here and we’re going to check out inspiration of the nature-kind.  Just happy that I made progress on Pitchfork and Light and found some ideas for Da-Da-Baby.

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