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2016 in Review

Every year at this time I think “my god that was a crazy busy year, next year will be so much lighter,” and since it’s an annual thought, that means it’s never actually a lighter year. This year was one of the busiest I’ve ever had. It was a blessing of projects and artistic challenges. Whether I was out of my comfort zone performing for the first time in 30 years or accepting a leadership role in an established theatre company or more familiar ground with directing staged readings for ReproRights and PCSF, the year has been full of intense experiences and a lot of laughter and delight with new creative relationships around every corner.

Summer Heights

Summer summer summer! Lovely weather.  Been able to enjoy reading, a concert, visiting with friends, cooking.  Contemplating the pace of life.  Which right this moment feels a little fast and packed full of things. I’m getting excited to see I SAW IT opening with ZERO HOUR this coming week.  We […]


I’m excited to be able to announce that I’ll be participating in another collaborative writing project with Wily West. This time Wily West undertakes two shows that will run in rep this summer and will be written by 9 playwrights.


I’d be a fool to say that I’ll never produce again, that I won’t find myself seduced by the irresistible comfort of the rehearsal room, the empty pre-show theatre, the adrenaline of the last minute crisis, the pure joy of watching director and actors creating life from words on the page, or the deep satisfaction of sharing a show with an audience.

Personal Space after the Fest

I wrote the short play PERSONAL SPACE for PCSF’s 5th 24-Hour Fest this last weekend, you can read more about it here.   I think that, given the circumstances, the original was pretty good.  However, I wrote it in a short time, under the pressure of a deadline and the […]

24-Hour Fest March 2014

Another 24-Hour Fest for PCSF is done and I’m exhausted, but inspired.  Mostly I’m grateful for all of the time, effort, and care that everyone involved puts into the show.  Jennifer Roberts, Bill Hyatt, Rod McFadden, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Elizabeth Flanagan, and all of the volunteers for PCSF are incredible. […]

A Flurry of Activity

Wily West is in the thick of our pre-production for 2014.  This means auditions, scheduling, readings, and a dozen or more emails flying back and forth on four or five different projects on any given day. Sheherezade 14 A couple of weeks ago we had auditions for Sheherezade 14.  The […]