Personal Space after the Fest

I wrote the short play PERSONAL SPACE for PCSF’s 5th 24-Hour Fest this last weekend, you can read more about it here.   I think that, given the circumstances, the original was pretty good.  However, I wrote it in a short time, under the pressure of a deadline and the handicap of sleep deprivation.  It had big holes throughout and too much specificity in the stage directions.  I am especially thankful to the actors for kindly pointing out in rehearsal some of those gaps, and later through the staging and performance demonstrating what was extraneous or problematic.   The theme – How did vanilla get such a bad rap – was fun and provided the impetus, but it wasn’t crucial to the story I wanted the play to segue into.  With all of that in mind I revised the script.  I think it’s stronger now.  Personally I don’t think it’s my strongest work and I’m not sure that I’ll do anything with it beyond the revisions.   That said, I thought the process was interesting and it might be fun to see the before and after.

Click here to view the revised draft of the play:  Personal Space

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