Today we kick off the writing for I SAW IT and ZERO HOUR.  As I write this, Jennifer is working on sending us our first assignments – or subtopics – which will be what we focus on for the first week.  The goal is to write as many vignettes or monologues using the theme (aftermath of a belief shattering event or trip to mars respectively) and the subtopic (or prompt) before the end of the week.  We have to write one within subtopic for our primary writing group – I’m primary on I Saw It and secondary on Zero Hour.  So if I’m inspired I can write something for Zero Hour or skip this week.  And then we can write as many as we want either within subtopic or just within the general theme.  Since we finalized our theme’s I’ve been composing in my head and am really excited to be exploring monologues (I Saw It is all monologues).  The other thing I’m really looking forward to is seeing how and what Karl, Jennifer, Jaene, Bridgette, Charles, Conrad, and Morgan do with this as well.  Our voices are all so different, which is part of what makes the whole thing worth doing and will make for a very rich production.

As I prepare – which at this point is more or less opening my mind up to different possibilities and ideas I’ve jotted down words in a free association exercise for I SAW IT.   I’m curious what my colleague’s list would look like at this pre-subtopic, pre-start moment.

Word Cloud for I Saw It week one

Isla July mother soccer suspicion justice fog harmony dawn dusk comfort holly islands isolation bad movies Godzilla D&D child women sister mango location place space mine yours its jump jump jump jump yes!and spaghetti how strong claustrophobia void shadow wraith haunted trust disgust courage fear traveler refuge lies integrity hyperbole vigilance trap rescue witness retreat forge disassociate

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