I’m excited to be able to announce that I’ll be participating in another collaborative writing project with Wily West.  This time Wily West undertakes two shows that will run in rep this summer and will be written by 9 playwrights.  This last week we picked our themes and the basic premise and this weekend we start writing … as many pieces as we can for the next six weeks.  At the end of the process the head writer (the awesome Jennifer Lynne Roberts) will work with the Artistic Director (Morgan Ludlow) and Director (Ariel Craft! of Breadbox Theatre) to narrow the selections down to two evenings of theatre.  The shows will open in July 2015 at The Exit theatre.    Though I will be focused on I SAW IT which will be monologues, I also plan to contribute to ZERO HOUR: The Mars Experiment which will be a collection of short scenes and vignettes.

I’m looking forward the challenge, and if it’s anything like last year, I’m sure to end up in a fierce competition with Jennifer to see who writes more — by the way, she will and it wasn’t even close last year.  Although, I’ve got the quiet ferry ride every morning and an hour to kill before the ferry ride home, so who knows…  In any case I’m ready to explore Mars and delve into the aftermath of belief shattering events.  Stay tuned and I hope you’ll come see it.

See the Wily West press release below or check out more info on their website

And to follow some of the weird things I’ll draw inspiration from you can follow the pinterest boards here and here


ZERO HOUR: The Mars Experiment
by Wily West Team
July 17-August 8
Exit Theatre
Directed by Ariel Craft

Would you leave everything behind, all the comforts of earthly life—friends, family, ice cream, sex—for the experiment? To live in isolation and the experience taped for a reality show for the people back home on Earth, so that you can be a pioneer, the first to colonize the planet Mars? These six humans did. They left their jobs. Some lost their families. They underwent physical and mental evaluations. They signed contracts. They trained. They made love for the last time. And at ZERO HOUR, they made peace with their decision. But that was six months and sixty-eight days ago.


by Wily West Team
July 17-August 8
Directed by Ariel Craft
Did you? An anomalous event has occurred. A city in ruins. Some are saying it wasn’t an act of nature, but a creature, a shadow, a…something. Rumors run rampant, suspicions run high. The #ISawIt hashtag has gone viral. Unsubstantiated reports, conspiracy theories, panic! Does Isla have the answers everyone wants? The government thinks so. Inside an interrogation room, Isla is questioned while outside, a city tries to recover.

The Wily West Team: 9 Outstanding Local Playwrights!

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