Monologue State of Mind

We are on the sixth week of our writing journey for #ISawIT and #ZeroHour.  At the end of this coming week, we’ll see a rough reading of a selection of everything we wrote.  And the director, artistic director, and lead writer will go from there to pull together the two shows, give us some direction on re-writes and off we go!

This year’s process has been different from last year’s in that we have a more defined storyline we’re trying to write with.  Gives some interesting challenges to the exercise.  As we’re in the last week, I’m in a flurry of writing, trying to make sure I’m getting everything in there that I want to contribute.  That’s an impossible thing to do, but so far I’ve written 15 monologues for I SAW IT and have a handful more I’ll finish up today.  I haven’t been able to participate in Zero Hour, which was my “secondary” for this project.  I’m hoping that I’ll at least get to writing one short piece this weekend.

What I find interesting about writing monologues as opposed to writing scenes, is the struggle to keep things present and define context without exposition.  It gives a lot of leeway for poetry as long as you’re mindful of self-indulgence there.  It’s both easier and harder to have autonomous pieces, at least in this project where the whole of the pieces needs to tell a somewhat cohesive story – or at least paint the picture of a shared experience.   Thank goodness for the revision window!  And the sure-handed vision of the creative team to help figure out where we need to transition and tie things together.

I’ve been particularly drawn to a couple of characters – our theoretical heroine, the possible antagonist, and a reporter.  Each of whom is at the heart of what happened, why, and how it’s told.  There have been a few surprising moments where the underpinnings of something I’m writing have taken me by surprise.  An anger I’m barely even bothering to hide most of the time about corruption and greed at every level of government and within the megacorporate world, took hold while writing about the actual moment with IT where our heroine fights as if for every soul on the planet.  A friend’s eviction notice, shortly on the heels of my own took hold in a bit about how antiquities give us context for our own civilization and era, and what happens when one is overrun by unstoppable forces.  Circular conversations and repeating of mistakes at work got me while our reporter unwinds and lets off some steam at a local bar.

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