Champagne Glass on NYE

A door begging to be knocked A river of warnings A valley of “why not” An un-lock, an old rusty bolt Jim Morrison cooing lullabies And a bad idea separated by A keypad and a glowing screen Hold breath, just a few 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Happy New […]


It is a pear Christmas tree ornament. I don’t remember exactly how I got it or why I think it’s connected to my mom. Like she bought it for me? […]

Mini-Poirot in the making…

When I came in, dad greeted me from the kitchen and asked how playing at Crystal’s was. He hadn’t asked any questions, and I hadn’t told him where I was going. It drove me nuts when he’d do that. This was a game he played with me. He could nearly always tell me what time I’d gotten home, what I’d done while I was there, how long I’d been there, and where I’d gone if I left. All without asking any questions. When I pressed him about how he did it, halfway convinced he was psychic, he’d just shake his head and say I could do it too, I just needed to pay attention.

The would-be kidnappings I escaped

REPOST NOTE: All the buzz about the t.v. series In Plain Sight had been confusing me, because I thought it was the same NBC special about Jaycee Dugard’s kidnapping and that was definitely not new. But I felt uneasy every time I saw it mentioned. Anyway, I had recently been […]

Shopkeepers: a young girl’s friends

Shopkeepers. When I was 10, living in the Castro, I didn’t have any friends my own age in the neighborhood. There were other children around, but none of them roamed the neighborhood without their parents and we didn’t have opportunities to meet each other. Not that I had any interest […]

Short Play: The View produced in March

Death ends life, not relationships. The world premiere of “The Grateful Deadly!” will be a highly entertaining, magical, visually creative and adventurous evening of new works and 7 short plays by 6 esteemed Bay Area Playwrights! Some plays are whimsical and humorous, some are bittersweet, deep and thought provoking with perhaps […]

Forging onward!

A little over a year ago, I suddenly had an idea for a Dungeons & Dragons play.  It hit me like a 20 sided die to the eyeball.  It was delightfully weird and not what I’d have normally thought of doing.  I posted about it and the response was immediate, […]