Upcoming Projects – Spring/Summer

2016 is proving to be a very fulfilling year already.  The Musical Cafe Showcase was a perfect way to kick things off.  In March I had the joy of acting again in Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads with Spare Stage.  In April I had the pleasure of channeling my inner Velma (a la Scooby Doo) for Ex Nihilo‘s episode four of Terra Incognita, directed by the fantastic ShawnJ West and featuring sound engineering by Jason Jeremy.  I also got to play with an old friend reading Laundry and Bourbon and Lone Star in a private workshop reading.

In May, I’ll be directing Vonn Scott Bair’s modular play The Possibility for a staged reading at The Playwright’s Center of San Francisco.  The play is a full-length “modular play” depicting the internal struggles of a man and a woman who think about the possibility of adultery–and who might act upon that. In this iteration, we’ll be exploring the circular nature of the possibility.  The cast includes Richard Wenzel, Erika Anne Soerensen, Geoffrey Malveaux, and Ria Meer.

In June, I’ll be returning to the role of Decima in Ex Nihilo’s Terra Incognita episode five, directed by Kelli Krump at the Octopus Literary Lounge.

Today Repro Rights announced their line up for The Body Politic an evening of short plays, songs, poetry and monologues about women’s reproductive rights and body autonomy.  I’m thrilled to have my short play, AS OF ONE, included.  This will be my second year participating in this important and powerful evening of theatre.  It’s presented as part of Three Girls Theatre‘s New Work Festival in August.  AS OF ONE examines how centuries of cultural silence and squashed debate about the issues women face with regard to their autonomy and body have affected our perception of things and how the breaking of that silence is having various results.  Auditions will be in Mid-July.


I also have a huge project in the works, but will have to wait to announce it.  Everything should be finalized in early Summer.


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