Summer Heights

Summer summer summer!

Lovely weather.  Been able to enjoy reading, a concert, visiting with friends, cooking.  Contemplating the pace of life.  Which right this moment feels a little fast and packed full of things.

I’m getting excited to see I SAW IT opening with ZERO HOUR this coming week.  We have auditions next Sunday for REPRO RIGHTS! WOMEN @ RISK.  The planning is under way for the SF Olympians 2015 fundraising event.  I’m working on my Sheherezade 15 submission.  I will begin writing for an as yet to be announced holiday show.

Tickets are on sale for Zero Hour and I Saw It.  Buy now and save quite a bit on tickets.



ZERO HOUR:  The Mars Experiment

Would you leave everything behind, all the comforts of earthly life—friends, family, ice cream, sex—for the experiment? Would you live in isolation and have the experience taped for a reality show for the people back home on Earth so that you can be among the first humans to colonize Mars? These six people did. They left their jobs. They left their families. They underwent physical and mental evaluations. They signed contracts. They trained. They made love for the last time. And at ZERO HOUR, they made peace with their decision. But that was six months and sixty-eight days ago


Did you?  An anomalous event has occurred. A city is in ruins. Some are saying it was a force of nature. Others believe it was an act of God. Some claim it was a shadow, a cloud, a creature, a…something. Rumors run rampant and suspicions run high. The #ISawIt hashtag has gone viral. Conspiracy theories, riots, and accusations plague the city. How will the citizens react to this upheaval? Will things ever be the same? Can they? Should they?

Eight of us collaborated on these two shows, playing in rep at the Exit theatre 7/17 – 8/6.  You can get more information here and follow the production blog here for tid bits and fun.  Take a quiz here to find out what your ultimate demise on Mars would be.


Is an incredible play reading event to support NARAL.  It’s free, written by several very talented local playwrights.  I’m directing four of the plays and am really blown away with how powerful they all are. Auditions are next Sunday (7/19 at Piano Fight) and the show will run one night only on August 6th at Thick House in San Francisco.  Repro Rights Theatre is partnering with 3Girls Theatre.


To reserve your free tickets click here.

Audition info provided below.  Email for an audition appointment.

Currently, we are looking for actors for 8 short plays written by some terrific Bay Area writers. Please e-mail to sign up for a slot, and include a headshot, resume, and contact information.

Auditions will be held on
July 19, 2015
12 – 3pm
PianoFight (144 Taylor St., SF)

We are looking for a multi-cultural cast.

Roles available for all ages/genders/body types/abilities.

Please prepare two 1 to 2-minute monologues: one comic and one dramatic.

The reading is Thursday, August 6, 2015. However, there will be a couple rehearsals leading up to the reading, and you will be expected for the full day on August 6 for tech and run-through.
Participation in ReproRights is on a volunteer basis.

Please e-mail to sign up for a slot, and include a headshot, resume, and contact information. Indicate what your preferred audition time-frame is.

I’m also working on the final draft for my SF Olympians: Wine Dark Sea play, which will be produced in October.  My piece is about Telamon … and some pirates … and a giant baobab tree. We’re working on what is going to be an a-mazing fundraiser in August and we want you there.  More details to come.  But until then check out the festival details here.   You can read about my piece FORTRESS FOUND here.




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