Onward and Outward [short play]

A 10-Minute Play (c) 2013

Karen, Bitty, and Cheryl have been best friends since elementary school.  Karen has always held on too tightly to the world as it is – or as she wants it to be.  When (afraid she’s going to lose her marriage) Karen makes a resolution to be more present, she realizes that her friends have changed in ways she didn’t expect.  Cheryl moved to St. Louis, but her address isn’t the only thing that changed.  Cheryl’s friendship with an old school rival, Joan, wasn’t what Karen thought it was.  A lumberyard and florist’s shop she doesn’t even know had opened are about to go out of business and how that affects Bitty is beyond her.

Author’s Note:  If PARAPROSDOKIAN, written much later than this piece, is about life-long friends, who in their twenties are forced to adjust their view of each other, ONWARD AND OUTWARD is about friends in their mid-life facing the changes life has wrought on them collectively and individually.

Production History:

  • Resolutions! I Do Declare! – Southern Railroad Theatre Company [staged reading] directed by Ann Thomas with Susan Jackson as Bitty, Adrienne Krug as Karen

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