Gorgeous Hussy [WW]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

Fans of Joan Crawford will find delight with Morgan Ludlow’s new two-hander. As the elderly movie star, Susan Jackson gives a fine impersonation, convincing us that we are in the presence of cinematic royalty. As her interviewer, Ryan Hayes gives a performance that is full of unexpected twists and surprises.“- Charles Kruger, SF Examiner

GORGEOUS HUSSY:  The Last Interview of Joan Crawford*
by Morgan Ludlow
directed by Brady Brophy-Hilton

Exit Theatre Stage Left | July 26-August 16 2013

*Awarded best new play for Morgan Ludlow by BATCC

Artwork by Paul Springer

Quinn Whitaker | Producing Director & Lead Design
Brady Brophy-Hilton | Multimedia Design

Starring:  Ryan Hayes and Susan Jackson

This show brings the iconic star back to life for some drinks and lively conversation.  When an ambitious young journalist sneaks into Joan Crawford’s Beverly Hills Hotel suite, he thinks he is about to get the interview of his career.  But the aging movie star has something else in mind.  In a strange twist of vodka and make-up, the tables are turned and the interviewer becomes Joan Crawford while the woman behind the icon asks the really hard questions as she struggles to understand the truth behind her career and life.

It was a wonderful way to explore the lesser known Joan Crawford, the woman behind the public figure, the possible motivations behind her sometimes questionable parenting skills and behavior…this was executed with humor as well as compassion, bringing tears to my eyes at times, between the laughter.

-Goldstar Member

Susan Jackson and Ryan Hayes deliver compelling portrayals of Joan Crawford (with or without her wig). But what Gorgeous Hussy really achieves is a clinical dissection of the perverse power of celebrity and the dangers of trying to live up to one’s publicity.” — George Heymont, Huffington Post


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