Lawfully Wedded [WW]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

LAWFULLY WEDDED offers a pleasant night at the theatre overall, with some surprisingly effective moments, excellent writing and fine acting.” -Charles Kruger, SF Examiner

by Morgan Ludlow, Kirk Shimano & Alina Trowbridge
directed by Wesley Cayabyab

Exit Theatre Stage Left | July 25 – August 17 2013

Artwork by Paul Springer

Starring: Wes Cayabyab, Philip Goleman, Kat Kneisel, Brian Martin, Jeffrey Orth, Scott Ragle, Farah Sanders, Janice Wright, & Heidi Wolff

Quinn Whitaker | Producing Director & Lead Design

Lawfully Wedded is a timely collage of scenes and stories that reveal the American struggle for marriage equality. The show is written by three San Francisco playwrights: Morgan Ludlow, Kirk Shimano & Alina Trowbridge. When Bill and Jason decide to get married, they confront all the familiar challenges any newlywed couple must face as they plan a wedding, meet their in-laws, buy a house, mix with the neighbors, have a child and deal with the calamity of a major illness. 


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