Hope’s Last Chance [WW]


by Rod McFadden
directed by Brady Brophy-Hilton
Exit Theatre Stage Left | October 3-26 2013

Executive Producer

Starring: Kat Bushnell, Wesley Cayabyab, Shelley Johnson, Jeffrey Orth, John Terrell and Ella Zalon

Morgan Ludlow | Artistic Director
Laylah Muran de Assereto | Executive Producer
Quinn Whitaker | Producing Director & Lead Design
Ellen Louise Chesnut | Set Dressing & Props
Brady Brophy-Hilton | Sound Design

While spending the weekend at a secluded bed and breakfast, Stan and Angela awake to screams in the night.  Unable to leave until the mystery is solved, Stan and Angela struggle to separate what is real from what is imagined, and they soon realize the answers to those questions are literally a matter of life or death.  Theirs!  HOPE’S LAST CHANCE combines elements of the classic murder mystery and romantic comedy, into a hilarious and chilling new ghost story that will keep you guessing (and laughing) until the very end. 


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