Personal Space [short play]

A 10-Minute Play in Reverse (c) 2014

Women frequently find that they don’t have the ability to control their personal space, whether it’s emotional, physical, or intellectual.  In this short four scene play Portia makes the decision to break up with her boyfriend Jake, who doesn’t understand the boundaries she requires.  We see the aftermath of the breakup initially and then trace the evening out at a bar in reverse.

Author’s Note:  I wanted to take on the “nice guy” myth in a different way.  I didn’t intend for any of the characters to be particularly likable, since I feel we put too much emphasis on likability instead of character when we discuss the dynamics of dating.  In particular the narrative that some (of course not all and I do believe there are nice guys in the world -loads of them) men, especially younger ones, tell themselves about being shunned by women because they are nice and women are drawn to assholes; when the reality is that the “nice guy” in question is in fact being horribly manipulative and emotionally sabotaging the women he pursues.

Production History:

  • 24-Hour Fest (#5) – The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco [Tides Theatre 03/15/2014] directed by Joey Cherney with Laura Espino as Portia, Brian Flagel as Jake, and Jeffrey Blaze as Todd

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