Anonymous Me [monologue]


A Short Play (c) 2014

Justine is about as unassuming and average as it gets for a woman in her fifties.  This mid-level IT manager, estranged from her kids and with nothing much to lose, is the last person you’d expect to be subversive or have such a big secret; but then it’s always the people you suspect the least isn’t it?

Production History:

  • Written as part of the collaborative project Superheroes for Wily West  [EXIT Theatre 07/17 through 08/21/2014]

    directed by Chelsey Little with Shelley Lynn Johnson as Justine [watch it here]

Other plays in the Anonymous Me series:

  • Kitten Fit:  Evil Has a Curfew
  • Shaving Bees
  • Anonymous You

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