Paraprosdokian [short play]


A 10-Minute Play (c) 2015

Kelia, Omar, and Rodel have been inseparable since childhood.  When Omar’s girlfriend moves to Chicago, he plans to follow.  Rodel gets an opportunity of a lifetime in LA.  And when Kelia gets a new client Omar and Rodel learn something they never expected about her politics.

Authors note:  As someone who has many life-long friends, I’ve always been fascinated by how friendships shift and change as we go from children to teens to adults to middle age and beyond.  Sometimes they don’t and that’s ok, but when they do there’s usually little ground shifts along the way.  Places where we have to take a moment to see each other again and adjust accordingly.  The play festival this was written for requires you to draw the number of actors and who those actors will be, I wanted at all costs to avoid a love triangle.

Production History


  • PCSF 24-Hour Festival Fall 2015 | directed by Karl Schackne featuring Meira Perelstein (Keira), Abdulrahim Harara (Omar), Lee-Ron (Rodel)

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