Fortress Found

2015 | Playwright | Short Play

A renowned, if aging, investigative journalist and former navy captain has been captured by pirates, who keep him confined in a massive baobab tree.  Three women keep him company and wile away the hours with card games and questions he can’t always answer; and even if he could, he probably shouldn’t.  Just what did the fates have in store for Telamon, and how will his past affect his future?

Production History

Date & VenueCompany
Staged Reading

November 2015

Exit Theatre
SF Olympians Festival – VI
Wine Dark Sea

Directed by: Steven Westdahl

Layne Austine (Dike)
Sam Bretken (Stage Directions)
Heather Kellogg (Lachesis)
Katherine Otis (Atropos)
Kim Suanders (Clotho)
Wayne Wong (Telamon)

get-attachment.aspx_Illustrations by Cody Rishell

Photos by Charles Lewis III and Colin Hussey


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