Cash for Capes

2014 | Playwright | 2-Minute Play

Tala Singh and Angry Fairy Boy have to make a living – superheroes don’t get much in the way of compensation for their good deeds, and not everyone can be Bruce Wayne.  What better way than a short spot hawking S.H.L.I for a national campaign?  After-all every citizen should have Superhero Liability Insurance for those times they need rescuing.

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Production History

Date & VenueCompany

July/August 2014

Exit Theatre
Wily West Productions
Superheroes [Anthology]

Directed by: Chelsey Little

Jenna May Cassa (Tala)
Dan Wilson (Angry Fairy Boy)
Shelley Lynn Johnson (Announcer)
Barett Courtney (Announcer 2)
Brian Flegel (Thief)  

[watch it here]


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