Censored in Tehran

2010 | Playwright | Short Play

A foreign correspondent released from custody in Iran returns to his offices with two colleagues to collect items and determine if any information of use is left in the ransacked space.  The three of them struggle with their role and the need to continue.

Author’s note:

The play was written with events in Tehran during the 2009 uprisings. There was a girl who had been killed by the police on camera. Journalists were also being incarcerated, their equipment destroyed, and in general were being interfered with. I wanted to look at the changing face of journalism, the motivations of the people involved, it’s addictive nature, and how freedom of the press is threatened not just overtly by government interference, but covertly through commercial and social interests.

Production History

Date & VenueCompany

March 2009

Phoenix Theatre
The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco
Sheherezade IX [Anthology]

Directed by: Sara Staley

Giovana Arieta (Niki)
Shane Walker (Max)
Wesley Cayabyab (John)
Lynn Sotos (Lisa)


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