Under the Milky Way in the Light of Day [one act play]

2017 | Playwright

While on a business trip to negotiate a critical deal, Hattie takes a side excursion to Bali to spread her father, Ray’s ashes and deal with his villa on the island. When her estranged aunt turns up unexpectedly, her entire world is turned upside down. And then Ray walks through the door, decidedly alive – or is he? The impossible events bring up conflicting emotions as she realizes her family history is more complicated than she thought and maybe miracles aren’t always good things.

Production History

Staged Reading with Olympians Festival San Francisco on October 7, 2017 at the Exit Theatre Stage Left in San Francisco
Directed by ShawnJ West

Featuring: Richard Robert Bunker (Ray), Derek Jones (Todd), Ben Ortega (Happy), Belgica Rodriguez (Hattie), Daniela Sirkin (Stage Directions), Lisa Tateosian (Mutt), and Ivan Velazquez (Wayan)

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