Borderline [full length play]

2018 | Playwright

a play inspired by The Capitoline Triad (Minerva, Juno, Jupiter) written for the San Francisco Olympians Festival VIII – Roman Holiday by Laylah Muran de Assereto

Sometimes resistance looks like tea with a General.

Conflict rages in a fictional, modern-day Pannonia as refugees flood into neighboring Moesia. Pannonian ex-pat Jun Caprotina’s orphanage is practically overflowing with children lucky enough to get approval from the Moesian government to leave the camps. Moesian General J. Stator Terminalus is an upstanding general who thinks of himself as a steadying force in a volatile setting, but finds himself in a quandary about Jun’s extracurricular resistance activities. American reporter Min Pallas uses her newfound sense of rebellion to raise the visibility of what’s really at stake as the three find themselves trapped together in the midst of a sudden crisis and questioning loyalties, identity, and the ethical gray areas they each navigate.

About the Capitoline Triad: Representing the union of three of the primary gods in ancient Rome, the Capitoline Triad consisted of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva. Worshipers built a shared temple on the Capitoline Hill in Rome with cellas for each the three gods, and similar capitolia were erected across Rome. Minerva was a goddess of crafts, trade guilds, and war. Her brilliance for strategy and compassion set her apart from Mars, god of war, who tended to represent triumph through military force. She was born fully grown from Jupiter’s skull, and is associated with knowledge and wisdom, but also prone to vindictiveness, especially toward humans who claimed superiority to the gods. Juno, though associated with marriage and motherhood, was a counselor to Jupiter and capable of fierce opposition to her husband if her jealousies were stirred or interests diverged from his. Jupiter, though known primarily as the king of gods and sky, and the larger than life ego and persona that lusted for and manipulated life at whim, was also a god of agreements and contracts, making him seen in some circumstances as a figure for patriotism and justice.

Production History:

Staged Reading on October 5, 2018 at the Exit Theatre
Directed by Dan Wilson

Featuring: Ashley Gennerelli (Min Pallas), Matt Gunnison (Mars Alator), Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh (Carmen), Brian Levi (General J. Stator Terminalis), Genevieve Perdue (Jun Caprotina), Rick Roitinger (Mercer), Lynda Sheridan (Iris), Marissa Skudlarek (Stage Directions), Stephanie Thomas (Lara)

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