The Right Note, by Jerome Joseph Gentes and Rice Majors [Spare Stage]

2018 | Director / Producer

Spare Stage presents The Right Note a new musical
by Jerome Joseph Gentes and Rice Majors
directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto, music direction by Sheela Ramesh

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is updated to our contemporary world, where the major characters are competing on a singing reality TV show called The Right Note. At the start of the play, eliminations are down to eight contestants. The upcoming live TV episode will feature “Dynamic Duets,” during which the remaining contestants believe they will be able to pick their singing partners. One contestant has gone missing, though, and his twin sister takes his place during the dress rehearsal to keep him from being eliminated by default.

Spare Stage produced a 6 performance workshop concert of the musical that will include staging, off book performances of book and songs, with light costuming and props as necessary. The performances will include two series of 3 performances with a one to two week break between each set of 3 in order to allow Jerome and Rice to rework book, lyrics, or music.

Featuring: Nick Bailey, Megan Bartlett, Daniel Cancel, Leslie Ivy, Elizabeth Jones, Heather Lukens, JC Quimpo, Beebe Reisman, Chris Steele, Brooklyn Torres, Genevieve Perdue

With a live Band: Sheela Ramesh (Keyboard), Jacob Wolkenhauer (Guitar), Nicholas Martin (Base), David Walker (Drums)

Phoenix Theatre
414 Mason Street, 6th Floor

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