The Dragon’s Eye

Reading September 9th

Fresh off a successful quest, Marwing and her band of adventurers wait at a roadside Inn in the foothills of the great Linal mountain range. They were summoned by a member of the royal family, under threat of extreme secrecy and discretion. Why else would they be at the edge of civilization? The only problem is that they don’t know which royal it was, and what with the rumors of a rift in the royal family and an inevitable civil war looming on the horizon, it matters which blueblood it was. But when you get a royal summons, you comply, right? But Marwing’s got other problems, like a thief who’s guild might have put a hit out on her, and a cleric who happens to be a reluctant nobleman feuding with his sister, a bard gone rogue stirring up trouble. And why the Hades does she keep having dreams about someone in her party killing the Queen’s niece? Then again,  nothing is ever really what it seems…

production history:

  • Scheduled for a staged reading as part of Quantum Dragon Theatre’s Forge play development.

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