I Saw It [full length – collaborative piece]

2015 | PLAYWRIGHT / Editor


A Collaborative project – 8 playwrights collaborated to create a 90 minute monologues show

by Jennifer Lynne Roberts head writer and with Laylah Muran de Assereto, Morgan Ludlow, Karl Schackne, Charles Lewis III, Jaeyne Leonard, Bridgette Dutta Portman

Over the course of six weeks we all wrote monologues to the general agreed upon concept.  The work was then shaped into a cohesive piece woven together with a Chorus of characters.  I was one of two primary writers for the project and contributed roughly 40% of the pieces in the resulting play.

#ISawIT… did you?  An anomalous event has occured.  A city is in ruins.  Some are saying ti was a force of nature.  Others believe it was an act of God.  Some claim it was a shadow, a cloud, a creature, a…something.  Rumors run rampant and suspicions run high.  The #ISawIT hashtag has gone viral.  Conspiracy theories, riots, and accusations plague the city.  How will the citizens react to this upheaval?  Will things ever be the same?  Can they?  Should they?

“…most of the hard-hitting monologues/soliloquies in this 75-minute drama were written by Laylah Muran de Assereto. […] I Saw It deftly demonstrates what can happen when the “monster attacking a city” bears no resemblance to a prehistoric dinosaur or a radioactive mutant creature, but results from the dissemination of a carefully engineered hallucinogen which can “alter” a person’s preferences and behaviors in the way a hacker might attack a software program’s source code.” – George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

Production History:

  • Wily West Productions produced a four week run in reparatory with Zero Hour:  The Mars Experiment at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco July/August 2015.  Directed by Ariel Craft with Colleen Egan as Nola, Samantha Behr as Isla/Chorus, Genevieve Perdue as Diana/Chorus, Richard Wenzel as Van/Chorus, Susannah Wood as Josephine/Chorus, Jason Jeremy as Benny/Chorus, Kyle McReddie as David/Chorus, and Katrina Krotech as Chorus.

Photo by Colin Hussey

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