ReproRights Women@Risk (2015)

REPRO RIGHTS – Women @ Risk
3 Girls Theatre with Repro Rights Theatre @ Thick House – August 6, 2015

3GT — along with our guest curator, Repro Rights Theater–presents an evening of short works in response to the dire need to address attacks on women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive rights in the U.S. The program honors the risk-takers of NARAL Pro-Choice California, who have inspired us with their leadership and passion for protecting women’s reproductive rights for nearly forty years.

Directed 4 of 8 Plays:  

A WOMB OF ONE’S OWN by Jeremy Cole with Marissa Skudlerick as Virginia Woolf; 

MIDNIGHT AT LA CATRINA by Madeline Puccioni with Sammay Dizon as La Catrina, Manuel Fernandez as Francis, Kitty Torres as Alisa, Miyoko Sakatani as Rikki, and Cat Imperato reading stage directions; 

THE BIBLE AND GRACE by Lee Brady with Shirley Nilson Hall as Grace; and 

IT FARCELY SEEMS POSSIBLE by Jennifer Roberts with Cat Imperato as Nellie, Miyoko Sakatani as Nurse, Genevieve Perdue as Dr., Carl Lucania reading staged directions, Karl Schackne as Mover #1, and Manuel Fernandez as Mover #2


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