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In Memory of

I surprised myself when this year I made the choice to watch a documentary on KQED that I normally would have avoided, as a purposeful gesture of honoring my father for his birthday. “We Were Here” is a series of interviews about people who were here and in some way part of various aspects of advocacy, health care, or are typical of people who lived through the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco.

Reading Again, Racing Again

For most of my life I’ve been a reader.  I devoured books.  In 5th grade I got ahold of a list of the recommended 100 books freshmen college students should have read – from Oxford or Yale or something – and I set about reading them.  I kept detouring as […]

Monologue State of Mind

We are on the sixth week of our writing journey for #ISawIT and #ZeroHour.  At the end of this coming week, we’ll see a rough reading of a selection of everything we wrote.  And the director, artistic director, and lead writer will go from there to pull together the two […]

Quiet Memory

Here I am for the first time in nearly 20 years at this place that I loved as a kid. I spent so much time here writing, reading, and otherwise being someplace quiet and surrounded by books. I had glamorous ideas of my future writer’s life and for whatever reason, I imagined hours spent in libraries – when I wasn’t in the custom-made writer’s den/cabin I’d of course have somewhere, with a giant weeping willow outside and nearby brook. I’m a little surprised to remember now that I had that image of writing in libraries, since in my adult writing life I don’t think it’s even occurred to me to go to a library to write.


I’m excited to be able to announce that I’ll be participating in another collaborative writing project with Wily West. This time Wily West undertakes two shows that will run in rep this summer and will be written by 9 playwrights.


I’d be a fool to say that I’ll never produce again, that I won’t find myself seduced by the irresistible comfort of the rehearsal room, the empty pre-show theatre, the adrenaline of the last minute crisis, the pure joy of watching director and actors creating life from words on the page, or the deep satisfaction of sharing a show with an audience.

Sheherezade 14!

SHEHEREZADE 14  Sheherezade 14 opened last weekend and while, I’ve loved every year’s production, I feel like we’ve been on a trajectory toward a vision I’ve had for the show since I took it over six years ago.  This year there is a sense for all of us that we’ve […]

a fleeting sigh

a moments hesitation not listening to the catch of breath until I replayed it later needless confusion overthinking the tone and phrasing losing the simple truth shifted focus missing the here-and-now moments retracing the just-happened i’m an idiot