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Wily West 2014 Season

Wily West has announced our 2014 season details and launched the Indiegogo campaign to help us raise the much-needed funds to make it all happen.  I’ve been spending almost every free minute over the last several weeks interviewing company members and editing video.  The first of a series was published […]

Good for the Gander

If you haven’t seen the Jackson Katz Ted Talk about violence against women and why that’s a men’s issue, it’s worth watching.  He places the burden squarely on men to care about and stop violence against women.  To stop making it solely a “women’s issue” and recognize both the damage […]

Personal Space after the Fest

I wrote the short play PERSONAL SPACE for PCSF’s 5th 24-Hour Fest this last weekend, you can read more about it here.   I think that, given the circumstances, the original was pretty good.  However, I wrote it in a short time, under the pressure of a deadline and the […]

Poet? Poet.

In continuing my previous post about owning, without apology, certain creative titles, I posted all of the poems that I’ve written that I could find.  I thought there would be ten.  So far I’ve found 29, and I’m shocked.  The earliest I can find was written in 1993.  I know […]

24-Hour Fest March 2014

Another 24-Hour Fest for PCSF is done and I’m exhausted, but inspired.  Mostly I’m grateful for all of the time, effort, and care that everyone involved puts into the show.  Jennifer Roberts, Bill Hyatt, Rod McFadden, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Elizabeth Flanagan, and all of the volunteers for PCSF are incredible. […]

Not really a…

Lately I’ve been very interested in personal narrative.  The ongoing and constant story we tell ourselves about who we are or aren’t.  What we would or would not do, what we like or don’t like, how we feel, and what we can or can’t do.  Specifically, I’m fascinated by how […]

A Small Return

I’ve had a taste of acting again and I feel the return of those desires and cravings that have been dormant for so long; the ones I pushed down and ignored until it subsided into the gentle haze that long-ago memories have.  That was that other person I was going […]

A Flurry of Activity

Wily West is in the thick of our pre-production for 2014.  This means auditions, scheduling, readings, and a dozen or more emails flying back and forth on four or five different projects on any given day. Sheherezade 14 A couple of weeks ago we had auditions for Sheherezade 14.  The […]

Candy at a Museum

Finding inspiration in little things is one of the best aspects of traveling to places one has never been.  I’m in Chicago for the first time and while walking through the Chicago Art Institute modern wing, I saw two exhibits that gave me some ideas for a piece I’ve been […]