My poem included in PFs 30 Poems in 30 Days

If you didn’t already know, Piano Fight did this amazing, awesome thing.  They decided to film 30 poets reading their poems (under a minute each) and post them one a day for 30 days in honor of Poetry month.  Then they decided to extend poetry month for another 15.  It’s a great cross-section of a portion of the poetry scene in San Francisco and you should definitely take a little time to watch.  There are some really good poems in there and definitely a very dynamic group.

I’m really not fond of being on camera, and I’ve only recently decided to claim poet as one of the several ways in which I express myself.  So even sending an inquiry to Andy Strong at Piano Fight felt like a gigantic leap of courage.  Until I got into their studio and faced the reality of being filmed and that it was going to be posted.  But I’m happy I did it and decided to share the result, with many thanks to Piano Fight and a ton of humble awe at some of the poets I’m sharing company with.

It’s still happening for another 14 days.  Check them out!

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