Shaving Bees

2017 | Playwright | Short Play A 10-minute romantic comedy Lorraine is a young scientist researching declining bee populations. When she runs into a lost childhood friend, she feels the […]

Fortress Found

2015 | Playwright | Short Play A renowned, if aging, investigative journalist and former navy captain has been captured by pirates, who keep him confined in a massive baobab tree.  Three women […]

I Saw It

2015 | Playwright / Editor | Full Length (Collaborative) A collaborative project – 8 playwrights collaborated to create a 90 minute monologues show by Morgan Ludlow, Laylah Muran de Assereto, […]

Drowning Kate

2014 | Wily West Productions | Executive Producer In this suspenseful new play Dr. Harry Onslow brings his recently drowned wife, Kate, back to life using scientific techniques they had […]

Anonymous Me

2014 | Playwright | Monologue Justine is about as unassuming and average as it gets for a woman in her fifties. This mid-level IT manager, estranged from her kids and […]


2014 | Playwright | Short Play Tala Singh may have gotten more than she bargained for one day at the food co-op when Angry Fairy Boy, a cranky, local Scottish […]