Sheherazade 12 [PCSF & WW]

PCSF & Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

SHEHEREZADE 12:  2012 ♦  by Patricia Milton, Rod McFadden, Candice Benge, Gaetana Caldwell-Smith, Jordan Puckett, Rachel Bublitz, Brigette Duta Portman, and Kristen Anundsen directed by Ann Thomas and Kat Kneisel | Stage Werx | May 11-26 2012

Artwork by Colin Hussey

♦ | Production Team | Laylah Muran de Assereto Executive Producer | Jennifer Lynne Roberts ◊ PCSF Co-Producer | Quinn Whitaker ◊ Producing Director and Lead Design | Rhonda Carson ◊ Costumes | Jason Jeremy ◊ Sound Design | Morgan Ludlow ◊ Publicity | Colin Hussey ◊ Graphic Design | Jim Norrena ◊ Photography & Videography ♦

♦ |The Cast |  Diana Brown ◊ Wesley Cayabyab ◊ Abigail Edber ◊ Philip Goleman ◊ Edward Kimak ◊ Melissa Keith ◊ Ben Ortega ◊ Linsay Rousseau Burnett ◊ Lila Tavelli ♦

♦ Space garbage is falling from the sky and the Mayan’s might have something to do with it, but a Russian / American space program might solve all our problems at home.  Matt’s at the bar and even the end of the world can’t get him laid, but at least his mom isn’t trying to steal his wedding day focus like Caroline’s is.  When Dr. Turing thought of thinking machines more than half a century ago, we doubt he had a jealous Prius in mind.  Stress can lead a rich man to be ridiculous on the front lines of a revolution at home and a young doctor to tragedy in a war torn nation half a world away.   It all happens in around and because of 2012! ♦

| The Plays | Mission: Irrisistible by Patricia Milton directed by Ann Thomas ◊  Of Machines and Men by Rod McFadden directed by Ann Thomas ◊ The Disadvantaged by Candice Benge directed by Ann Thomas ◊ Traveling Music by Gaetana Caldwell-Smith by Kat Kneisel ◊ An American Traitor by Jordan Puckett directed by Kat Kneisel ◊ Her Special Day by Rachel Bublitz directed by Kat Kneisel ◊ One Last Night Stand by Bridgette Duta Portman by  Ann Thomas ◊ Space Junk by Kristin Anundsen directed by Kat Kneisel 


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