Arrivederci Roma, by Morgan Ludlow [Wily West Productions]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

A wild and melodramatic send-up of the mafia genre.”-Nirmala Nataraj, SF Chronicle

by Morgan Ludlow
directed by David Stein
Stage Werx | Oct 6-29 2011

Artwork by Paul Springer

Quinn Whitaker | Production Manager, Lighting & Set Design
Elise Barley | Costumes Designed
Wayne Roadie | Stage Manager
Alysia Hook | Choreography
Wesley Cayabyab | Technical Director  

Starring:  Wesley Cayabyab, Keith Jefferds, Christopher Morrell, Gabrielle Patascil, Barbara Van Dermeer

The Godfather meets Trannyshack in this hilarious transgender mafia story.  When mafioso boss, Alfredo Reggiano, is invited to dinner by his competitor and rival, Roma Asiago, to talk “business” Alfredo knows he should be prepared for anything.  But nothing has prepared him for the shock he is about to face when Roma reveals her ultimate reason for meeting him. From the same creative team that brought you the critically acclaimed hit show, Nymph O’ Mania, last summer comes this new outrageous comedy!   “Stuffed with ultimatums and revelations and Jewish-Italian home cooking...” –Amber Adrian, 7X7 Magazine

We all left with huge smiles and repeating great lines from the show!  Another Wily West cavalcade of talent showcasing beautiful work from all ends.”–Goldstar Member


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