Peaches en Regalia, by Steve Lyons [Wily West Productions]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

Lyons has a gift for stream-of-conciousness monologue and all of the characters get to play their own great scene…a wonderfully written and staged “time-lapse” sequence…that is priceless!” –Robert Sokol, SF EXAMINER

by Steve Lyons
directed by Sara Staley
Stage Werx | August 4-27 2011

Executive Producer

Quinn Whitaker | Production Management, Lighting, Sets & Props Design
Casey Fern | Stage Manager
Wesley Cayabyab | Technical Director 

Starring:  Cooper Carlson, Philip Goleman, Nicole Hammersla, and Sarah Moser

Peaches en Regalia is based upon the widely produced, critically  acclaimed one act of the same name, which KPBS radio praised as “cute and quirky.” In this delightful comedy Norman is in the men’s room, struggling with the lessons from his time management class, Peaches is waitressing at Doug’s Diner, struggling with her gas price theories, and Joanne is in the Chinese laundry, struggling with her flow charts.  They all meet at Doug’s Diner and find their angst-ridden lives turned upside down when straight-talking Syd sits down at their table.   Love blossoms.   Happiness reigns.  But the happiness may be short lived, as Norman’s time management skills are challenged by the ultimate nemesis of time management, a baby!

“A fast-paced experience, very funny, almost slap-stick but with a post-modern twist!” -Jim Strope, SF EXAMINER.COM“The funniest play this season!” –Lee Hartgrave, BEYOND CHRON

“Sharp performances crisply directed by Sara Staley… the writing has several inspired flights of zaniness…” -Robert Avila, SF BAY GUARDIAN

Philip Goleman, Nicole Sun, Cooper Carlson, and Sarah Moser | Photo Bill Boice

“The play is at its best in quirky little moments  of revealing human behavior…” -Richard Dodds, SF BAY AREA REPORTER


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