Believers [WW]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

“Playwright Patricia Milton has good comic chops and there are plenty of laughs to be found in this light hearted romance. Actors Casey Fern and Maria Giere Marquis are charming as Rocky and Grace, the battling researchers.” -Charles Kruegar, BAY AREA THEATRE CRITICS’ CIRCLE

by Patricia Milton
directed by Sara Staley
with Live Music performed by Rick Homan
Stage Werx | August 2-25 2012

Artwork by Paul Springer

Quinn Cayabyab | Producing Director, Lighting & Set Design Anya Kazimierski | Assistant Designer

Wesley Cayabyab | Technical Director

Starring:  Casey Fern, Maria Giere Marquis, Jon Fast, and Kate Jones
Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Or is it better to find a pharmaceutical remedy? Believers is an apocalyptic romantic comedy inspired by the Grimms fairy tale The Frog King. The world seems poised on the brink of environmental collapse. Inside a remote pharmaceutical lab, researcher Rockwell Wise is bent on creating a love vaccine to keep his heart safe. His ex-lover, drug developer Grace Wright, hungers to create a love potion to rejuvenate our romance-starved planet. When Grace is hired to lead Rocky’s development team in the midst of a company crisis, they become locked in a struggle over love and drugs — with some very unexpected side effects.“The story develops…with some clever plot twists and sharp comic writing…there’s a lot here to enjoy.” -Robert Hurwitt, SF CHRONICLE

“The horny muskrats, and the frequent deluges of frogs? Bring it on!” -George Heymont, HUFFINGTON POST


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