Ruth and the Sea by Morgan Ludlow [Wily West Productions]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

“Excellent. RUTH AND THE SEA explores the family ties that bind, positing that love can find a way to win, even in the most dysfunctional of families.  Recommended!”-Tom Kelly, SF BAY TIMES

by Morgan Ludlow
directed by Stuart Bousel
Stage Werx | December 2-18 2010

Artwork by Paul Springer / Poster Photo by Linda Wang

Linda Wang | Associate Producer Christopher Struett | Associate Producer Quinn Cayabyab | Sets & Lighting Design, Production Management Kira Shaw | Costumes Wesley Cayabyab | Technical Director  

Starring:  Gwyneth Richards, Tom Darter, Ryan Hayes, Michelle Jasso, Kira Shaw, Linda Wang

Bay Area Critics’ Circle Award-Winning Actress Gwyneth Richards stars in Wily West’s brand new Holiday show.  From the seashell set on the piano, the ocean calls out to Ruth, a feisty mid-western grandmother whose preparations for one more Christmas are interrupted by news that she probably won’t see the coming spring.  Preferring madcap adventure over chemo, she grabs all the hard liquor, drains her bank account, and convinces her rehab skipping dope fiend grandson to embark on a cross-country trek to find the shore-side contentment of her youth, one last time.  Though at opposite ends of the spectrum, old lady and aging hipster (all-the-time pursued by Ruth’s no-nonsense daughter-in-law, her over-protective ex, and a down-and-out Dolly Parton impersonator) find themselves bonding in unexpected ways even as Ruth inevitably drifts into death.  Never maudlin, never predictable, RUTH AND THE SEA turns the American Christmas Story on its ear, re-inventing its own archetypes and eschewing holiday schmaltz as it takes the audience on a search for nothing less than the meaning of life.  “One of the TOP 10 Shows of 2010 in the Bay Area!”-SF BAY TIMES

“I’m a fan of Wily West Productions and it was a pleasure seeing RUTH AND THE SEA.”-Jim Strope, SF EXAMINER.COM


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