Nymph O'Mania, by Morgan Ludlow [Wily West Productions]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

A happy diversion for a midsummer’s night” -BAY AREA REPORTER


by Morgan Ludlow

directed by David Stein

Stage Werx | July 15-August 14 2010

Artwork by Paul Springer

Laylah Muran de Assereto | Executive Producer ⊗ Morgan Ludlow | Artistic Director & Producer ⊗ Kat Downs | Live Music ⊗ Elise Barley | Live Music Elise Barley | Costumes ⊗ Quinn Whitaker | Sets & Lighting and Production Management ⊗  Casey Fern | Stage Manager ⊗ Alysia Hook | Choreography ⊗ Wesley Cayabyab | Technical Director Colleen Egan | Production Assistant ⊗ Bill Boice | Photography ⊗ Paul Springer | Graphic Artist  

Starring:  Andrew Calabrese, Linda-Ruth Cardozo, Lance Fuller, Kat Kneisel, Ben Ortega, Linda Wang

A modern twist on A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in a redwood forest in Northern California.  When Jack agrees to sell his land, several thousand acres of prime redwood forest, to a multinational lumber company all hell breaks loose at his wedding party.  Throw some hallucinogens into the punch bowl and Jack finds himself in the custody of a beautiful tree nymph while being pursued by the wedding party, which includes his jilted bride. An outrageous romp in the woods ensues, settling the fate of the forest, and the lovers, once and for all.

NYMPH O’ MANIA is delightful! ” -SF BAY TIMES

“NYMPH O’ MANIA’s cast totally owned the script of this play.  They were funny, skillful and poignant, with great timing.  I would see it again and again! Morgan Ludlow’s story touched me throughout and he had my complete trust by the end of the play.  I would watch anything he writes.  The set was amazing and I hear was built on a shoestring, which makes it even more wonderful to see.  The sound, lighting and Stage Werx itself were perfect for this production.


“Absolutely fabulous!” -GOLDSTAR MEMBER“I saw NYMPH O’ MANIA last week with my mother and what a hoot!  She and I both loved the production wildly.  The audience was laughing hysterically throughout the show and the seats were almost all sold-out…” -YELP   “This play is very, very funny! But it also turns on a dime, switching to dead serious. And back. That audience members were both crying and laughing (during very different scenes) is evidence that this is very well-written.”  -GOLDSTAR MEMBER   “Last night was the closing of this curiously in-depth ultra modern look at a dance around Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Nymph O Mania.”  Bringing elements of an ever intriguing Shakespearean play to present day was nothing short of hysterical.  Every character was fully engaged, not a one stealing the show but all impressive in their focus and message to be delivered.  The message for me was don’t forget to stop and think about what is truly important–our hearts, our souls and truth.   Don’t hide from anything, be who you are, live through your pain, wow. Not only did I laugh myself silly I felt thoughtful when I left. The last scene faded to black perfectly, with one of the lead characters left to reflect the new freedom he felt in his heart, seemingly a new man.  Bravo! The house was full, and the energy perfect.”   -YELP


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