Playoffs [PCSF]

2016 | Co-Director

PCSF’s PlayOffs 2016

Full Production – directed 4 of 8 plays

The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco proudly introduces PlayOffs, a new twist on its annual showcase of fully-produced short plays by our member playwrights, featuring an ensemble cast of talented local actors! From evil crows to serenading crickets, from an epically awkward first date to a marriage on the brink of collapse, from an artist duped by an imposter to a teacher unaware of her own prejudice, these eight fully-produced, world premiere short plays range from clever and humorous to sobering, timely and thought-provoking.

PlayOffs is the successor to Sheherzade (nominated by Theatre Bay Area in 2014 and 2016 for outstanding production of an anthology, winner 2016). PlayOffs is the result of a new format for play selection: six of the short plays in PlayOffs were chosen via audience vote during three rounds of staged readings earlier this year. The producers selected two additional critical choice plays, rounding out an evening of eight excellent brand-new shorts that are at once very different and connected by some surprising common threads. One of those threads is the theme of revelation what happens when things that were secret come out into the open? What happens when we learn unexpected things about each other or about ourselves? Can we use these revelations to learn and grow, or will they destroy us?

Sheherzade was a 15-year tradition that brought together the talent of local writers, actors, directors and designers. Come help us celebrate the beginning of a new tradition with PlayOffs!

Dec. 1-10
Thurs/Fri/Sat 8 p.m.
Saturday matinees 2 p.m.
Exit Stage Left
156 Eddy
San Francisco

  • Co-Produced by Jerome Joseph Gentes & Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • Directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto & Carol Eggers
  • Set Design by Wes Cayabyab
  • Stage Management by Arashi Veronica Cesana
  • Lighting and Sound Design by Madison Worthington
  • Costume Design by Athena Driscoll
  • Props Design by Arashi Veronica Cesana
  • Graphic Design by Greg Reasoner
  • Photography and Videography by Jim Norrena

Featuring an Ensemble Cast:

Michael Conner, Janet Dyer, Amanda J. Lee, Brian Levi, Kate Rose Reynolds, John Steele, Jr., and Jasmine Milan Williams

Plays include:

A Relationship with History by Annette Roman: 

Under the long shadow of World War II, a modern-day couple on their first online date make some unexpected discoveries.

Association by Carol Lashof:

A high school teacher confronts a student about a paper she suspects is plagiarized and comes face to face with her own racism.

Benched by Lorraine Midanik:

Two older women meet on a park bench for the first time and come to understand that they have much more in common than they had realized.

Father’s Day by Rod McFadden:

Not all paternity tests take place in the laboratory.

Murder by Bridgette Dutta Portman: 

Vince believes he is being tormented by crows. Do the birds seek revenge for an injured chick, or is it all in his head?

The Sound of Moonlight by Diane Sampson:

How’s a cricket supposed to go courting when its chirping is drowned out by humans arguing over the relative merits of Julie Andrews and Bette Midler’s voices?

Conundrum by Kristin Anundsen:

On the eve of Art’s Gallery’s most important opening, the owner is horrified to discover that one of the artist’s valuable paintings has not only disappeared, but been replaced by an impostor.

Keep Moving, Nothing to See by Vonn Scott Bair:

Accidental heroes save a man’s life, but realize that wasn’t enough.


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