Theatre Seen

Because as much as I have going on with creative projects, it’s not all about me, so I’ve been seeing a lot of theatre lately.  Most recently, Fences at CalShakes which was achingly well performed, Hurt Village at Ubuntu Theatre Project which was powerful and fresh, and Emmett & Ava at Broadway Playhouse SF which was a more cerebral but still impactful experience; all of which I’d highly recommend, though Emmett & Ava is the only one still playing.  This week I’ve started off with Shelton Theatre’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire.  A very solid production and the woman playing Blanche is devastating; worth it just to see her. (For as many productions as I’ve spent in that space, I can’t believe that was actually my first time seeing a Shelton production there).

I read Awakening 30 years ago and it had a profound affect on me.  It’s a touchstone novel.  I am excited to see what Breadbox has done with their adaptation on the 13th and very thrilled that they’ve had a completely sold out run.

I admire Patricia Milton more than I can express, she’s been a mentor of sorts (though she might not know it) and colleague for more than ten years.  I’ve directed her work, produced it, performed it in readings, read it in progress, and avidly watched it performed.  I look forward to seeing her latest Hearts of Palm on the 20th.

Also on the list are You Never Can Tell (CalShakes), Dear Master (Aurora), Speed of Light (Quantum Dragon), Seascape (Role Players Ensemble), Margaret of Anjou (Those Women Productions), Real Women Have Curves (Douglas Morrison).

Maybe I’ll see you there!

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