As part of my producing responsibilities I find myself creating and editing quite a few videos.  You can see them here:

Un-Hinged by Krista Knight (promo)

Drowning Kate by Morgan Ludlow (promo)

Sheherezade Fundraiser (2014)

Hope’s Last Chance, by Rod McFadden (promo)

Sheherezade 13 – Promo

Sheherezade 13 – Kickstarter

PCSFs 3rd 24-Hour Festival Promo

Sheherezade XII – Kickstarter

Arrivederci Roma, by Morgan Ludlow

Peaches en Regalia, by Steve Lyons

Juno en Victoria, by Stuart Boussel

Sheherezade XI:  A Year in Review 2010

Ruth and the Sea, by Morgan Ludlow

Sheherezade X: A Year in Review 2009

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