Crossing the Chasm by Rod McFadden [PCSF]

CROSSING THE CHASM by Rod McFadden Staged Reading – Playwrights Center of San Francisco @ Shelton Theatre – October 6, 2014 with:  Danielle Doyle, Dan Wilson, Maria Frangos, Aaron Kitchin, and Sam Starke Lance Patterson has been unemployed for over a year, and his prospects seem worse each day. Now the financial […]

Bloodline by Alan Olejniczak and Jeff Matlin (2014)

BLOODLINE by Alan Olejniczak with Jeff Matlin Staged Reading – Playwrights Center of San Francisco @ Shelton Theatre – June 16, 2014 with:  Rick Roitinger, Genevieve Perdue, Sam Tillis, Connery Morano, Andrew Chung, Michael Erickson, Christopher Morrell, Colin Hussey, Philip Goleman, Janice Ramschlag, Ella June Zolan, Jim Gessner, and Karl […]

Onward and Outward

2013 | Playwright | Short Play Karen, Bitty, and Cheryl have been best friends since elementary school.  Karen has always held on too tightly to the world as it is – or as she wants it to be.  When (afraid she’s going to lose her marriage) Karen makes a resolution […]