Everybody Here Says Hello, by Stuart Bousel [Wily West Productions]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

Everybody Here Says Hello! is a delightful contemporary comedy… It contains some of Bousel’s smartest writing and is performed by a talented, finely-tuned ensemble. If you’ve ever wanted to see a furiously fast-paced, fierce Feydeau farce without any slamming doors, Bousel’s play definitely hits the spot!

by Stuart Bousel
directed by Rik Lopes
Exit Theatre Stage Left | July 18-Aug 15 2014

*Awarded TBA Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Featured Actress 2014 | Nominated BACC Best New Play

Artwork by Paul Springer

Starring: Mikka Bonel, Kat Bushnell, Wesley Cayabyab, Tony Cirimele, Sylvia Hathaway, Dan Kurtz, Sam Tillis & Nick Trengove  
Quinn Whitaker | Lead Design and Producer
Alex Hinton | Stage Manager

A fast-paced comedy about a man, his boyfriend, and his boyfriend’s girlfriend, Everybody Here Says Hello! is a bittersweet exploration of the ups and downs inherent to modern relationships and sexuality, the absurd distortion of our lives when seen through the eyes of our friends, and all the things we want to say to one another but never do.

Dan Kurtz, Nick Trengove, Mikka Bonel | Everybody Here Says Hello! by Stuart Bousel | Photo by Jim Norrena

“…in a story that at first seems to have a gay relationship at its core before sending out tendrils into complex webs of sexual permutations. Happy and sad are always in close proximity, but Bousel finds ways to evoke laughs that always seem appropriate for the situations. Even the most quippish wisecracks ring true for the characters, who feel like fresh creations but are somehow still familiar.” Richard Dodds, BAY AREA REPORTER


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