2001 @ Bumbershoot listening to Antebellus Afrobeat

Arms relax to my side
– From close to chest –
And swing easy-slow
Rhythmic to the music
Shoulders breasts
ribs waist
Twist bounce rotate
Counter-beat, counter-clock

Leg one, leg two
Thigh calf
Ankle foot
Toe heel
Lift bend
Gently grind
Crushed Grass

Angry thoughts
Rising anxiety
The beat beat
Beat beat

Of the percussion-man’s
On the taught-hide

The beat beat
Beat beat

Of my beating heart
“trust the universe” she said
– not for the first time –

your universe
your unity identity
thought within eternity

arms swing side to side
hips take turns
taking stage
legs rock
thigh calf, calf thigh
heel toe, toe heel
grind grass
beat beat
beat beat

let it go
let it go
angry thoughts
anxiety rising

“trust the universe” she says
trust the universe

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