2014 | Un-Hinged [WW]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer

UN-HINGED:  A Silent Opera
by Krista Knight
directed by Wesley Cayabyab
Exit Theatre Mainstage | Oct 2014

Artwork by Paul Springer
Starring: Scott Cox, Cameron Galloway, Rick Homan
& Genevieve Perdue Smith
Quinn Cayabyab | Lead Design
Philip Goleman | Production Manager
Genevieve Perdue | Costumes
Jason Jeremy | Sound Design
Jim Norrena | PhotographyIn this deeply moving new play Glen, a house painter, is transfixed on the house that got away.  Now that the house is on the market Glen has no intention of letting it slip away like he did that year he worked on it and became entangled in the lives of the family that lived there.  All Glen wants to do now is get inside.
“One of the things I love about Krista Knight’s writing is her ability to use foreboding and menace with a surgical control, gloved in poetry and vibrant imagery. She uses subtlety the same way our other playwright, Morgan Ludlow, uses bursts of absurdity; to disarm perception and open you to emotional possibilities. She seduces you with that poetry and then unnerves you with the animalistic, aggressive side of our human psyche. Rick, Cameron, Genevieve, and Scott bring you right into the disturbing reality of a family with secrets as experienced by an outsider who is himself perhaps the creepier and darker of them all, both for his fixation and his own secrets.” – Producer’s Note